Windows 10 updated features release date

With the Windows Update, 10 (KB2919355) update your computer and discover new ways to personalize your PC. This update includes enhancements to make Windows more familiar and convenient to use on touch-based and mouse-based devices. the Windows 10 update simplifies access to your favorite applications and key controls. It displays the power supply buttons and searches on the Home screen. All open and pinned applications appear in the taskbar. Access the taskbar from anywhere. When you connect to your computer, access your Desktop, not the Home screen. The Windows 10 update allows a more familiar use of the mouse and keyboard. The reduce button, close button and taskbar are more easily accessible to the mouse. Right-click on an application thumbnail to view more options. After a reinstallation of Windows 10, it is possible that the download of Windows updates will block. Plain text Windows Update mold in a vacuum and it is impossible to download and install new updates on Windows 10.

Windows 10

Unblock Windows Update

This blocking of Windows Update happens after a reinstallation of Windows 10, simply because the Windows Update client is not up to date. The latter is then unable to communicate with the Windows Update servers and update. The search for updates is blocked and a perpetual loop is created. These Windows Update problems are well known and mentioned on the page: Windows Update loops and searches in a vacuum on Windows 8 and Windows 10. As a first step, disable the automatic download of Windows Update updates. To do this, open the Windows Control Panel and then Windows Update. On the left, click Change settings to access the Windows Update options. Get windows 11 ISO 64 bit WSUS Offline Update If nothing really works, you can use the WSUS Offline Update. This program can download updates from another computer and play them on Windows Vista. Launch the program WSUS Offline Update then download all updates for Windows Vista. Copy the WSUS Offline Update client folder to a USB key and play the updates. WSUS Offline Update may not get to the end but can allow you to install a maximum update and unblock at the end of the Windows Update account.

Introduction to Windows 10 update

The installation of the 10 updates requires a lot of disk space. Make sure you have enough disk space. If you are running Windows 10, you need 3,000 MB of free hard disk space to install the 32-bit version of Windows 10, and 3,1050 MB of available hard-disk space to install the 64-bit version of Windows 10. On a Windows RT device, you need 2,250 MB of free disk space to install Windows RT 10. Also remember to back up your important documents and finally connect the computer to the sector, if it is a laptop. Windows store must offer you the update Windows 10 You can then click on the link then Download to launch this update. However, if you have just reinstalled Windows 10.. some necessary patches are not installed since your Windows 10 has been reset. You can, therefore, encounter a message that must be updated beforehand via Windows Update. The following updates are required:  KB 210813109 and  KB 2918499. You can manually install these updates or launch a full Windows update as described in the following section. There is a rumor for coming Windows 12 check out here

Install all Windows Update updates

In order to install the Windows 10 update from the Windows Store, you must update Windows 10. Know the type of system Before you begin, you need to know the architecture of Windows 10 that is installed. For that, on the Workstation, right click then Properties. The edition of Windows here professional is displayed. Check also the type of system, more information about the architecture of Windows:  How to check if Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit. In order for the notations used by the updates to be clear, here is a summary: x106 = 32-bit computer, x64 = 64-bit computers. You can go to Windows Update to start an update search. This is done from Control Panel> Windows Update or directly by the Windows key of the keyboard + R in the Run window, enter warp and confirm with OK. Also, Get Window 11 iso download Windows Update crashes and searches in the void Once on the Windows Update window, start the update search from the button on the left. In my case, Windows Update will loop around doing searches and indicating that it needs to update itself: something it will not be able to do. This is because Windows 10 has just been installed and the Windows Update client is not up-to-date to download updates. The update of the Windows Update client does not seem to be done. These problems are well known and mentioned on the page:  Windows Update loop and search in the emptiness on Windows 8 and Windows 10. In this case, refer to the following paragraph which explains how to install the update KB2938636. If you have been using Windows 10 for a long time, you should not encounter this problem, and Windows 10 should be up to date. So you can refer directly to the Windows 10 update by the Windows Store. Get the latest update on windows 11


Google Stadia future games announced

Google announced last March a list of games to be included in-game service Google stadia download. November 19, the launch of tomorrow will take place with the opening of Google Stadia’nın 12 game will meet the game lovers. Then 14 more games will be served. Individual game purchase prices in Stadia have not yet been announced. Please note that Google has previously announced that game prices will be the same as other services. US-based technology giant Google’s new game streaming service” Stadia “, will change our view of the gaming industry. Because, thanks to this system, game lovers will be able to project and play the games on any device without having to download the games. The system will launch on November 19, and gamers will be able to see what Google Stadia has to offer.

Google Stadia for pc, game enthusiasts a little more exciting with each passing day. But it is still debated how efficient this system can be. Another discussion on the subject is the games that can be played through Google Stadia. Google has prepared 12 games for Google stadia for pc, but gamers expect much more than these 12 games. Now, let’s take a closer look at the scope of Google stadia download. There is no exact date for these 14 games. Unfortunately, there are some games that are highly anticipated among these 14 games. The games we’re going to talk about now include games that Google has announced in the past, but not even mentioned in their latest releases.

stadia games

Google Stadia for pc First games

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Destiny 2: The Collection


Just Dance 2020


Mortal Kombat 11

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Samurai Shodown

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Google will bring together the new cloud-based game streaming service Stadia as of tomorrow. Google stadia download announced in the future of the game in addition to 12 new 10 games announced. Google Stadia‘s tomorrow will offer players to launch games, which was announced last week. The fact that the cloud-based gaming service would come with only 12 games was interpreted as a weak launch. Stadia, however, has already begun to expand the list of games by responding to expectations. Google’s vice president and general manager Phil Harrison, Stadia’nın Twitter account announced the arrival of 10 new games. Thus, the total number of games at the opening of the platform increased to 22. Following the announcement, Geoff Knightley, the founder of the annual The Game Awards event, announced the list of new games.

The new opening games added to the service were already approved for the platform in 2019. So it was a little surprising that they were coming at the launch. In addition to all these games, Borderlands 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Doom: Eternal, Darksiders Genesis, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and many other important productions are known to be added to the Stadia library. Note that some features will not be available on the first day of Google Stadia, including Stream Connect, State Share and Crowd Play. But Google promises to come soon.

Google Stadia future games

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

Borderlands 3

Darksiders: Genesis

Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Farming Simulator 19

Final Fantasy XV

Football Manager 2020

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


Metro Exodus

NBA 2K20

Rage 2

Trials Rising

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Google ‘s highly anticipated global gaming platform Stadia prices and Turkey access date has been announced. As is known, Google, this new project without the need for console and disk through the web browser can play the game regardless of hardware. Internet connection will be the most important event for Google stadia for pc at this point. Monthly prices when the Stadia and Turkey, which will be in the form of remuneration was certain to be used. So, what is Google Stadia and when will it be released?



Windows 10 Restore | PC stops booting

If your PC with Windows 10 no longer starts up, this can have various causes. There may be a defect in the equipment itself, such as a hard disk that has given up the ghost or a video card that no longer transmits a signal to the monitor. In those cases, the recovery environment of Windows is of little use to you. This is more useful when things go wrong in another way: Windows no longer starts due to malware infection or corrupt files or the system has become unstable. In that case, we can restore Windows in different ways. If your PC regularly shuts down with a ‘blue screen of death’, system recovery can be a good idea.

Step 01: Fully automatic Windows 10 Restore

When you install Windows on your PC, a number of files are also automatically placed on your disk that is needed to start Windows in a special recovery mode. This is also called WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) and is based on a strongly stripped-down Windows version, called WinPE, which stands for Windows Preinstallation Environment (see also box “Thanks to WinPE”). For example, if important boot data from the Windows boot menu gets corrupted, this system environment is automatically called up when your system starts up and a wizard will attempt to repair something from here. Whether this will succeed in this depends on the nature of the severity of the damage.

Windows 10 Release | Apple Storage Update | Bottom Line IT

Step 02: From Windows

It is possible that Windows will still restart, but that something is not right: certain (system) components, for example, do not function properly. In that case, you can still call up the recovery environment from within Windows to perform repairs that way. To do this, open the Windows start menu and choose Settings / Update and security / System recovery. In the right panel, then press the Restart Now button, in the Advanced Boot Options section. Your system restarts and you select Troubleshooting / Advanced options. Various options now appear, such as System recovery, Start-up recovery and Command Prompt. We will come back to this extensively later in this article. Incidentally, there is another way to get into the recovery environment from Windows, click the Power button in the Windows Start menu and then choose Restart startup while the shift hold button pressed.

Step 02: You can also call the recovery environment with ‘advanced options’ directly from Windows.


WinPE, a highly stripped-down Windows version, is not only the basis of the Windows recovery environment (WinRE) but is also eagerly used by manufacturers of all kinds of Windows tools. In particular, programs that you should also be able to assist outside of a (working) Windows installation can benefit from WinPE. This includes partition managers, antivirus tools and backup & recovery programs. Let’s take the latter as an example, using the free Macrium Reflect Free. Install the tool (via Options you can adjust the installation; make sure you select Reflect Installer and PE components here – a hefty download of about 575 MB). Start the program and choose Other Tasks / Create Rescue Media. Confirm with Next (3x) and then choose the desired boot medium: CD / DVD Burner or USB Device. Moments later you have a bootable medium with Macrium Reflect, based on WinPE. You can (also) compile the Partition Wizard boot medium based on WinPE.

Step 03: Installation DVD

It can, of course, happen that Windows no longer starts up and that it is also no longer possible to start (automatically) from the installed recovery environment. In that case you still have several options. One is booting from the Windows installation DVD. Startup your fussy system from this DVD. Select the desired language, country and keyboard, and press Next. This time do not choose Install now, but click Repair your computer at the bottom left. Then click on Troubleshooting / Advanced options: the recovery environment is now ready for you.


Google Chrome Fastest Browser prohibits Cyber Attacks 2020

Google’s is one of the most popular and most used browsers that you can install on your mobile phone, tablet or your computer. It is a completely free program with which you can browse the Internet, save bookmarks and bookmarks or add extensions that add interesting functions and options. Here we explain how to download Google Chrome on all your devices.

Google Chrome is a fast, free and very useful browser. One of the most used and that will allow you to log in with your Google account to have the bookmarks stored and synchronized between devices, in case you need it. Have the operating system you have, you can download it for free.

Google Chrome Fastest Browser

For computers

Just go to the browser page and download the installation file to your computer. You can start the installer to start browsing as long as you meet some requirements: have a Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later operating system. You will also have to use an Intel Pentium 4 processor or later versions compatible with SSE3.

  • Go to the Google website
  • Click on the “Download Google Chrome” button
  • Choose the path where the file will be saved
  • Start the installation
  • Once ready, a window will open with Chrome
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Start enjoying all the available functions

For Mac

If you have a Mac and do not want to use Safari as a browser, you can install it for free and without any problem. A quick and free installation that you can do as long as you use OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later.

  • Go to the Google website
  • Download the installation file
  • Open the googlechrome.dmg file
  • Search “Chrome” in the new window and just opened
  • Drag Chrome to the “Applications” folder
  • Open Chrome
  • Open Finder
  • In the sidebar, click on “Eject”

For linux

If you work with Linux, the software installation process will be much faster and easier than if you have an Apple computer. You will use the same software as in other devices and you will only have to enter the administrator account password to start browsing the Internet as usual. Of course, you will need to have Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit or later versions, Debian 8 or later versions, openSUSE 13.3 or later versions, or Fedora Linux 24 or later versions. It will also be necessary to have an Intel Pentium 4 or later versions compatible with SSE2.

  • Go to the Chrome website
  • Download the installation file
  • Click “Accept” to open the package
  • Click on “Install package”
  • Start surfing the Internet
  • Installation issues

You may find some error messages when you are installing the new browser on your computer, use the operating system you use. And you can follow a series of steps and tips to correct installation errors.

Prohibits Cyber Attacks 2020

  • Check that you have an Internet connection and it works correctly.
  • Verify that the device meets the requirements explained above.
  • Download the installation file again and try again.
  • Free up space on the hard drive. If there is not enough space for Chrome on your computer, you will not be able to download and install it correctly.
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus, it may be preventing you from downloading or installing if it is activated.

You may also see specific errors. In those cases, we explain what are the steps you should follow or the most common problems and what each error message on your screen means.

  • Error 4: A newer version of Chrome is installed. Find this version and you can navigate without installing it again.
  • Errors 7, 12, 13, 35, 57, 102 and 103: Installation error due to unknown reasons.
  • Error 31: Unable to reinstall Chrome.
  • Error 0x80070070 on Windows: the hard disk is full.
  • “You can’t run because you’re not the administrator in Windows”
    • Click on the start menu
    • Click on “Run”
    • Type userpasswords2 control
    • Click on OK
    • Verify that your name appears in “Administrators group”
  • I can’t install applications outside the Microsoft store. Verify that the computer is not in S mode and check how to disable this mode from the Microsoft help page with the tutorial you need.

For Android

Both on a mobile phone and on a tablet, you can download Hoogle Chrome as a browser from Google Play as long as you have a version equal to or greater than Android 4.4 KitKat and enough space in the device’s internal memory.

  • Go to the Google Play app store
  • Search “Google Chrome”
  • Tap on “Install”
  • Wait for the download and installation to complete
  • Start browsing the pages you want

For iOS

On your iPhone or iPad, you can also install this browser without any problem. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in versions equal to or greater than iOS 10 and compatible with all languages ​​in the Apple App Store.

  • Go to App Store
  • Search Google Chrome in the store
  • Click on “Get”
  • Tap on “Install”
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • “Press OK”
  • Start sailing

Special Effects Programs for Online Photos 2020

If you are one of those who are looking to give your photos a special effect but you are afraid of advanced editing programs, do not worry. On the Web you have lots of services that will do the work for you. Here you have a good handful of them.

Special Effects Programs

Aged Effect for online edit

Surprising effect that will transform a brand new digital photo into an image that seems taken from an ancient history book.

It is really spectacular. You want to try?. More info here.

The best

Very easy.


Spectacular results.


There is no type of option.

Middle page in Japanese! (Although it is not difficult to use).

A single effect.

Framer Effect beautiful photo

Colorful effect that will allow you to make a beautiful stamp from your favorite photo.

It is fully automatic: you just have to upload your photo, choose the design and that’s it. Totally recommended. More info here.

The best

It allows a fairly fine tonal adjustment.

12 Categories of artistic effects.

Facial detection


Upload photo and select frame.

More than 20 different frames.

To have a good time.


Nice collage that you can do automatically with photos that you have uploaded to Flickr.

It is really easy to get and very effective. Elegant way to present your best photos. Do you dare to try it? More info here.

The best

The easiest way to get the David Hockney effect.

In two mouse clicks.

Fun result.


Unworked interface.

Few adjustment options.

Image may lose definition.


Simple service that allows you to put watermarks on your photos. Select your photos (from your hard drive or your Flickr account, as you prefer), choose place, style and text or image and … that’s it! Try it here.

The best

You can import photos from the computer, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.

You can customize the watermarks to your liking.

Automatically rename batches of photographs.


There are locked features in the free version.

Limitations when uploading files.

The interface is rather ugly.

Photo Creation Programs

It is a great way to show your work. It’s about creating sequences of your own photos with background music in a video. Can you imagine the photos of your last vacation on video to watch on TV and with a professional finish?

If you have not tried yet, you may think they will be very difficult to do. Nothing is further from reality. They are very simple to do. You dare?


jAlbum is the perfect tool to create presentations of your photos through online albums.

Thanks to its templates, in a few clicks, you will achieve incredible and professional results. More information and free trial download here.

The best

Clear interface and simple operation.

Different themes to create your albums.

If you wish you have available web space to upload your photos.


The geolocation is somewhat poor.

Some translation errors.

Available for Windows

PhotoStage Slideshow

Allow full customization of your photo presentations. PhotoStage Slideshow is one of the best programs in creation of photographic presentations.

It is presented with an infinite number of tools at an affordable price and within a very simple interface. Do you want more arguments? Click here.

The best

Photos, video, music, stories …

It is easy to start using the program.

You can export the presentation to multiple formats.


You cannot work with several photographs simultaneously.

The preview is of low quality although the final result is good.

Available for Windows / Mac OS / Kindle


SlideFlickr is an excellent program for mounting online photo presentations. It’s free and all you need is to upload your photos to a Flickr account (also free).

It’s so simple, it will only take you a handful of seconds to mount your video. why do not you try it? More info here.


Who is affected by malware and how its infected?

Victims of malicious programs include both individuals and companies or organizations. The list above shows the differences between them, which are as varied as the reasons for their use, and that is that they are not usually the expression of arbitrary digital vandalism. It is much more common for the use of malware to be determined by one objective: to spy on and take advantage of data, to place advertisements and purchase offers, to sabotage certain computer systems or to control third-party computers and use them for specific purposes. The malware thus tries to go unnoticed in order to use the invaded computer as long as possible. However, there are certain symptoms that can be identified to find out if a computer has been the victim of malicious software:

The computer turns off spontaneously, cannot be turned on again, or the system suddenly crashes. The computer runs slower than normal (due to an increase in processor load). The Internet speed is slower than usual (due to high data traffic).

Increase the frequency with which unwanted Internet content appears, such as pop-ups, automatic forwarding to certain Internet addresses or sudden access to a new web page, search engine or new toolbars in the browser.

Programs are suddenly uninstalled or blocked. Some harmful elements can even disable antivirus programs and firewalls, which is another indication that the system has been infected with malware.

Unwanted programs are installed and some open on their own

It is evident that someone is intervening in the computer, due, for example, to the presence of new files or folders, to the fact that the mouse pointer is being controlled, to the sending of emails or messages on social networks on your behalf without that there is no intervention on your part.

Preventive measures against malicious software

There are various types of software designed to protect computer systems from external threats, but all responsibility does not lie with them, but your handling of the situation also plays an important role. This refers, on the one hand, to preventive measures based on software and, on the other hand, to guidelines on the use of the Internet.

Software-based prevention

In order for your system to be safe from badware, it is recommended to equip the team with the following software:

A current and effective antivirus program: an antivirus is a program that runs permanently and protects the computer from the threats of malicious software. In order for it to recognize as many malicious programs as possible, it should always be the order of the day through automatic updates. Windows operating systems come standard with an antivirus, which can be Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Vista, Windows 7) or Windows Defender (from Windows 8). Among the most effective and, at the same time, free antivirus programs are Avast, Avira, Malwarebytes and 360 Total Security. These programs are available for both Windows and Mac or Android operating systems. Another of the best known and also free antivirus for Windows is Panda Free Antivirus.

These types of programs protect systems from the presence of viruses and can eliminate almost any of them regardless of their nature, or at least offer advice on how to proceed correctly. This also applies to computer worms, Trojans, and other types of malicious software, so antivirus programs not only protect against computer viruses, but also against other types of malicious programs and also help to remove malware.

An active firewall: You can only protect your computer from unwanted access when the firewall is active, and this is an essential component of many operating systems, including Windows.

A current version of the operating system: Updates help eliminate the security loopholes caused by the presence of malware on your computer. The best practice is to keep the operating system up to date, for example, by activating automatic updates.

Current versions of the programs: it is also recommended to update the software that is used, especially the one that makes it possible to connect to the Internet. Outdated versions of browsers, Java, Flash, and other applications often contain security flaws and allow badware to access the system.


Ways to write a degree sign in Microsoft Word

Sometimes when working with documents in Microsoft Word, it becomes necessary to write a number in a power and in this article we will talk about how this is done. You can put a degree sign in Word or degree symbol mac in several ways, and all of them are extremely simple in their implementation. We consider them in order of priority, starting with the most obvious and ending with one that is suitable for cases where, in addition to the degree sign of interest to us, it is required to write other mathematical expressions in a text document.

degree sign

Adding a degree sign in Word

Method 1: superscript

On the toolbar of the Word text editor, directly in its “Main” tab, there is a group of tools for working with the font. One of them will help us put the sign of the degree symbol in word.

Enter the number or letter (s) to be raised to a power. Set immediately after it the cursor pointer, that is, without clicking on the space bar.

On the toolbar, in the “” tab, in the “Font” parameter group, find the “Superscript” button (made in the form of the x2 icon) and click on it.

Enter the required value of the degree and do not rush after adding it to press the space bar or enter any other characters if they should already be written not in the form of a superscript.

In order to continue writing normally, just use the “Superscript” button (x2) again.

To enable or disable the superscript, with which we wrote down the degree sign, you can use not only the button on the ribbon, but also the key combination – “CTRL + SHIFT ++” (plus sign located in the upper digital row). In both cases, you can turn an already recorded element into a power – just select it with the mouse and “raise” it to the superscript register. All neat and clean information available on

A superscript in Microsoft Word 2003

If for some reason you are still using an obsolete version of a text editor from Microsoft, you should know that the algorithm for adding a degree symbol in it is somewhat different. Enter the expression that you want to raise to the power, and also write next to it the number (or letter), which in the future should be a power. That is, in order to get the conditional x2 , enter x2 .

Select the sign that you want to convert to a degree, and then right-click on it. In the context menu that opens, select the Font item. In the “Font” dialog box, which by default will be opened in the tab of the same name, check the “Superscript” checkbox and click “OK.” After setting the required degree value and removing the selection from this element (place the cursor immediately after it), re-open the Font dialog box through the context menu and uncheck the “Superscript” item. This is what will need to be done every time in order to put a degree in Word 2003.


Install game from the Winrar archive

To install the game from the archive, WinRar must be installed on your computer or laptop. With this program, you can unzip the installation files of the game in the local hard drive. Then you can start installing the game. If WinRar is not installed on your PC, be sure to install it. If you have installed this program, then you can start studying the material … Open the archive with the game So, on your computer, open the folder in which the downloaded game in rar or zip format lies.

Then we hover over the archive with the game and once press the left mouse button, after which this archive with the game will be highlighted. Now, without moving the mouse cursor from the archive, you need to press the right mouse button once.

After that, the context menu will open, in which you need to move the mouse cursor over the “Open with” item and select the “WinRAR archive” item in the additional context menu that opens. When you select the “WinRAR archive” item, this archive with the game will be opened using the WinRAR program. Now we can extract all the necessary files and start installing our game. Unpack game files Please note : before you start extracting files, you need to create a folder with the name of your game in the local drive, since we will extract the installation files to this folder. I created my folder in the local drive (G). So, to continue and unzip the installation files you need to press the key combination Ctrl + A.

Install game from the Winrar archive

Use WinRAR program to extract zip file

After that, all the installation files of the game will be highlighted. Now you need to move the cursor to any selected location and press the right mouse button once. Next, the context menu will open, in which you need to select the “Extract to specified folder” item. When you select “Extract to the specified folder”, a window will open on your computer in which you will need to specify the folder that we created to extract the installation files.

So, on the right side of the WinRAR program, open the local disk and select the folder into which the installation files will be extracted. After you specify the path to extract the files you will have to click on the “OK” button. When you click on the “OK” button, the process of extracting installation files to the folder of your choice will begin on your computer. In the line “Time passed”, you will see how long this process lasts. In the line “Approximately left”, you will see how much time is left until the end of this process. Install an unzipped game After the extraction of installation files is completed on your computer, you need to open the local drive on your computer where you created the folder for extracting the installation files.

To continue and install the unzipped game, you need to open the pack and find the installation file “SETUP”. So, to start the installation of the game we need to run the installation file “setup”. It’s best to install the game as administrator, for this we hover over the file “setup.exe” and press the right mouse button once. In the menu that opens, click on the line “Run as administrator”. When you run the setup file, the setup wizard for your game will open on your computer.

Install Games in local drive C

To continue and install the game you need to click on the “Next” button. When you click on the “Next” button, the next installation step will open on your computer in which you need to specify the installation path for this game. Please note : in no case install games in the local drive “C”, since the local drive contains Windows.

For example, the installation path of the game should look like this : G: \ Games \ Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 or D: \ Games \ Games \ the name of your game . It all depends on what letter is assigned to your local drive. When installing the game, you will also be asked to select some settings, such as creating a shortcut on the desktop – creating a game folder in the menu and installing additional DrectX software and microsoft visual c ++ After you make the necessary settings, you just have to click on the “Install” or “Install” button. When you click on the “Install” button, the installation process of the game will begin on your computer.

The installation process of the game can take from several minutes to several hours. Install DrectX In some games, after installing the game, the software installation starts, and in some games during installation this “software” is not installed at all. If after installation the DrectX window appears, install it. Installing “DirectX” – put a tick in front of the line “I accept the terms of this agreement” and click on the “Next” button. When you click on the “Next” button, the process of checking the installed DirectX on your computer will begin on your computer. If the latest version of DirectX is installed on your computer, then in a special window you will see a message stating that the latest version of DirectX is used on your computer.

DirectX helps to run game Properly

If on your computer the old version of DirectX is not installed or installed, then the installation of the latest version of DirectX will begin on your computer. After the installation of DirectX is completed, you just have to click on the “Finish” button. Install microsoft visual c ++ In rare cases, during the installation of a game, you may be asked install the package “microsoft visual c ++”. If this utility package is installed on your computer, then you do not need to install it. If microsoft visual c ++ is not installed on your PC, be sure to install it.

To install microsoft visual, put a check mark in front of the line “I accept the license terms” and click on the “Install” button. If during installation, an error window appears or asks you to fix the version. That is uniquely microsoft visual is already installed on your PC, you will just need to cancel the installation. The final step of installing the game After installing “DirectX” or “microsoft visual c ++”, the final stage of installing this game will open on your computer. To complete the installation, click on the “Finish” or “Finish” button. In such a simple way, games with the rar or zip format are installed.

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Superfetch service: Windows 7 Disable?

What is Superfetch? 

The Superfetch service in Microsoft family operating systems was used even on the old Windows 7 and now in Windows 10 also. Then it made sense because it helped to speed up the computer somewhat.

How? And due to the fact that it collects statistics on the most used programs, utilities, applications, and, based on this data, preloads the necessary modules and elements in the computer’s RAM. In some cases, the service may even perform entire operations, for example, start defragmenting hard disk partitions or other background processes. But now, with the advent of new technology for the manufacture of standard SSD hard drives, the need for such a service has disappeared.

It a service that constantly runs in the background and learns which applications are used most often. Over time, it marks these applications as “frequently used” and preloads them into RAM.

If you have a modern computer with at least average specifications, the SuperFetch service will work well and will not be a problem.

In most cases, SuperFetch really benefits. If you have a modern computer with at least average specifications, the service host sysmain also called superfetch service will work well and will not be a problem.

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However, it can cause some problems:

Because SuperFetch always runs in the background, the service itself always uses processor and RAM resources.

SuperFetch does not completely eliminate the need to load applications into RAM but simplifies the speed of the process. Whenever a startup occurs, your system will experience the same slowdown as if you were running the application without SuperFetch.

Starting the system may slow down because SuperFetch preloads a large amount of data from the hard disk to RAM. If every time you turn on or restart your computer, your hard drive runs at 100% charge for a few minutes, then SuperFetch may be to blame.

The effect of using SuperFetch may not be noticed if Windows 10 is installed on an SSD. Because the SSD is very fast, no preload is required.

SuperFetch can cause gaming problems if your system has 4 gigabytes of memory or less. This issue is relevant for games that use a large amount of RAM, which constantly requires and releases memory. This behavior can cause SuperFetch to constantly load and unload data.

In this regard, the question arose – is it necessary to disable SuperFetch or not? The answer is unequivocal: if you have installed a modern solid-state drive, you simply need to disable Superfetch But when the old HDD is still in use, then you can leave it. Learn new techniques form here in a better way

How do I disable SuperFetch?

This can be done in two ways.
The easiest and fastest is through the Service console. Press the Win + R key combination so that the “Run” window appears.

Enter the services.msc command and click the “OK” button. After that, the “Services” system console should appear in which you need to find the SuperFetch line and double-click it with the left mouse button.

In the properties window that appears, find the “Startup type” field and put the value “Off” there. Press the OK button and restart the computer.

The second way is for advanced users. It allows you to stop the service and, if you want to leave it, set it up correctly. What is certain is that initially the Superfetch service is used both to speed up the system startup and to load applications faster. By setting the correct mode, you can force it to optimize either the system or the application or both. Call and open the section: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\\ SYSTEM \\\ CurrentControlSet \\\ Control \\\ SessionManager \\\ Management Memory \\\ PrefetchParameter. It must contain the “EnableSuperfetch” key:

We double-click it to edit the value.

Here, in the “Value” field, you must specify one of the options for the Superfetch service as a number:

0 – completely disabled 1 – only application launch acceleration works 2 – only launch acceleration works 3 – both system launch and application launch acceleration is active

By default, the last option is used. To disable the Windows accelerator service, set the value to “0”, click the “OK” button, and restart your computer.